Curbside Compost

I know it’s been a while since my last post, but in the meantime the city of Portland has started a curbside compost pickup. Since I don’t really do much gardening (although I would love to try to find the patience and time for it), I don’t have a need for my own compost. It’s a great program for eliminating waste that used to go into the landfill. They accept all food products and even dirty napkins and pizza boxes. I have reduced the size of my regular trash can because we are only producing 2 bags of trash (aside from cat litter) every 2 weeks. I also recently realized that I can recycle those clamshell plastic containers that our recycling didn’t accept at New Seasons, so I have started to save those from the landfill also.

Did I tell you that I love Portland!

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Author: cbeckley

I am a web/graphic/logo designer who develops websites in XHTML/CSS, knows SEO and dables in CAD & 3D Modeling. Since moving to Portland, my family and I have become more aware of the junk put into our bodies. Now we are striving to eat more organic, natural products without so many additives, preservatives and junk. We’re not perfect and we’re not snobs. We will sometimes eat bad food that we know has junk in it, but we are striving to better ourselves a little at a time. This blog is going to be about the different ways we eat and live healthier and some of the interesting facts that we find out about foods and junk around us.

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