Guess Who Decides what Food Additives are Safe?

Food additives are regulated by the FDA to be sure that they are safe for consumers right? I mean, isn’t that what the FDA does? Aren’t they responsible for making sure that what we eat is safe? Well, you have to see what Dr. Greger has presented in his latest video below.

Contrary to popular belief, the FDA does not proactively check that food additives are safe. The companies making these additives are not required to prove the safety of these additives. All they have to do is just tell the FDA, “ya, sure it’s safe.” The GRAS (generally recognized as safe) status is a self-determined and requires no independent testing to back it up.

Why is this allowed? Guess who the top lobbyists in Washington are? That’s right – lobbies that work for the food industry. Now it makes sense right? Profits over general public safety.

Check out this video about it from

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Author: cbeckley

I am a web/graphic/logo designer who develops websites in XHTML/CSS, knows SEO and dables in CAD & 3D Modeling. Since moving to Portland, my family and I have become more aware of the junk put into our bodies. Now we are striving to eat more organic, natural products without so many additives, preservatives and junk. We’re not perfect and we’re not snobs. We will sometimes eat bad food that we know has junk in it, but we are striving to better ourselves a little at a time. This blog is going to be about the different ways we eat and live healthier and some of the interesting facts that we find out about foods and junk around us.

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