Natural Thanksgiving

While striving to eat more natural as well as eliminating dairy for my wife who is intolerant, I found some new and delicious ways to make Thanksgiving dinner. The easiest things to change was simply using the dairy free margarine to prepare the onions and celery in the stuffing, but the most challenging substitution was the evaporated milk used in the pumpkin pie.

Here is what I made:

Organic, Free Range Turkey from New Seasons

Stuffing using organic bread crumbs (with spices), onions and celery and the dairy free margarine

Fresh cranberries cooked in organic cane sugar (Yumm!!)

Organic potatoes, mashed (1 batch with rice milk and dairy free margarine and another with milk and regular margarine)

Corn on the cob – unfortunately I could not find any organic corn, which strikes me as odd. I was told that it was not in season, but I was just at a corn field maze a few days before and there was plenty of corn.

A friend brought a green bean casserole made with fresh, organic green beans

Pumpkin Pie made with a real pumpkin, coconut cream instead of evaporated milk and a pre-made organic whole wheat pie crust

Everything turned out pretty good, if I do say so.

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Author: cbeckley

I am a web/graphic/logo designer who develops websites in XHTML/CSS, knows SEO and dables in CAD & 3D Modeling. Since moving to Portland, my family and I have become more aware of the junk put into our bodies. Now we are striving to eat more organic, natural products without so many additives, preservatives and junk. We’re not perfect and we’re not snobs. We will sometimes eat bad food that we know has junk in it, but we are striving to better ourselves a little at a time. This blog is going to be about the different ways we eat and live healthier and some of the interesting facts that we find out about foods and junk around us.

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