Natural Pest Control

We have lately seen some small black ants here and there in our house and would rather not call an exterminator (with a 3 year old and 3 pets) or buy something expensive, so I started researching natural pest control options. I am going to try these ideas and post later the results.

1. Cinnamon – Ants are repelled by cinnamon. I have heard that you can sprinkle some in areas where ants are found and they will not go there anymore.

2. Vinegar – Mix water and vinegar (50/50) in a spray bottle and spray it in the areas you find ants. The smell will supposedly go away shortly. Apple Cider Vinegar works great as well I have read.

3. Chalk – supposedly you can draw a line of chalk where they are coming in and they will not cross it.

4. Cayenne, chili and/or black pepper – putting down a line of pepper is supposed to stop them from crossing.

5. Cream of tartar – supposedly another great barrier, stopping ants from crossing.

6. Molasses - This method is supposed to kill ants, not just repel them and is safe around pets and children. If you mix 1/3 cup molasses, 6 tablespoons of active dry yeast and 6 tablespoons of granulated sugar. Put this in little containers around the house and it is supposed to cause lethal indigestion. Hopefully they take it back to the colony and stop an infestation.

7. Bay leaves and cloves – these are also supopsed to repel ants.

I think that I will start with cinnamon and cream of tartar (since I happen to have some from making play-do) and if those dont work I will try the molasses. Then I will report on what worked best.

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Author: cbeckley

I am a web/graphic/logo designer who develops websites in XHTML/CSS, knows SEO and dables in CAD & 3D Modeling. Since moving to Portland, my family and I have become more aware of the junk put into our bodies. Now we are striving to eat more organic, natural products without so many additives, preservatives and junk. We’re not perfect and we’re not snobs. We will sometimes eat bad food that we know has junk in it, but we are striving to better ourselves a little at a time. This blog is going to be about the different ways we eat and live healthier and some of the interesting facts that we find out about foods and junk around us.

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